I’m training for a marathon! I’ve been running for several years now, mostly for fun with a couple of 5Ks thrown in for good measure. The marathon is more than 10 months away, so I’m giving myself plenty of time to prepare. Right now I’m not following a set training schedule, I’m just building my mileage.


I think I eat a lot, my husband thinks I don’t eat enough. That may be because he’s nearly a foot taller than me and twice my weight, so compared to his my meals look small. Given that I’m in the middle of my healthy weight range and have enough energy, I think the amount I eat is fine. I do tend to go heavy on the sweets, a habit I would like to break. With my busy life, I eat more convenience food than I should, but that’s another area of my diet I’m working on.


I graduated from college a little over a year ago and moved across the country to be with my now husband (then boyfriend) and start a new job. I studied electrical engineering at college, but got a sweet job as a software engineer (in test!). So far, I’m loving it. Sometimes I push myself too hard at work, but that’s only because I put a lot of pressure on myself to succeed.


On July 25th, 2008 I married my husband. We bought a house together a couple months before the wedding, so our weekends are spent maintaining the house for the most part. Outside of fitness, nutrition, my husband, and my house, I like reading, baking, and movies. And long walks on the beach.


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