16 laps

September 1, 2008

I did it! I swam. I was so proud of myself. I went at a down time, which means for 90% of my swim I was alone. Which was nice. And when another lady popped up in my lane, it didn’t really bother me. I should make an effort to go at down times more often…with gas prices and all, I hate to make an extra trip to the gym when I can do cardio right outside my front door.

I felt really good afterwards. A little sore, but it was a good sore. I know it wasn’t a long distance, but I hope to improve! I have a friend who can swim a mile much more eaily that she can run one, so maybe she can give me some tips…I’d be willing to give her some running advice in exchange!

Yesterday was a rest day (but I did get some exercise mowing the lawn with a push mower!). So now it’s time to get my butt in gear, go for a run and write some stress tests (it may be a day off, but deadlines wait for no one!). Hopefully I’ll be able to squeeze in a little yardwork as well. Enjoy your day off!


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