My stomach lining!!

August 30, 2008

(Get it? Anyone? Teen Girl Squad?)

Week in review:

Two trips to the gym. Both involved some amount of treadmill running (on an incline), strength training (abs, arms, and legs), and failed attempts at swimming. The first time was a result of the pool being closed, the second time was lack of lanes open (that’s my excuse at least…remind me to write an entry on that tomorrow). I also had a couple (really, really lame) early morning, pre-work runs. Nothing to write home about.

I just back from the gym (this would be this week’s trip #2) and boy do I feel good! I love that somewhat-sore-but-not-exactly-painful feeling from a good workout. I’m just disappointed I didn’t get a swim in. I haven’t been going to the gym much recently, I prefer running outside when I can, but since my husband had a work dinner and I had some time to kill before I had to pick up him,  the gym seemed like a great place to spend my time.I don’t know if it’s all the strength training equipment, the other peole there to compete with motivate me, or the workout ambiance, but I always get a great workout at the gym. 

Unfortunately, the last two morning runs were horrible. Running in the morning requires me to get up an hour earlier than normal. That part isn’t so bad. I (usually) don’t mind getting up early. I’m not exclusively an early bird or a night owl, but a weird hybrid of the two that allows me to adapt to whatever my environment requires. But I think a combination of the husband being more of a night owl and me not having a regular sleep/workout schedule makes it hard for me get up an go so early right now. I’ve been experimenting with different workout times (before/after dinner, before work, next week I’ll try during my lunch hour) to see what’s going to work. All of the options have their benefits but none of them sticks out as the best option. I’ll probably continue experimenting for the next week or so, but after that I need at least some semblance of a schedule.


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