Head for the Hills!

August 23, 2008

So my run last night got pushed off to a run this morning.

I started my day with1/3cup of oatmeal with a big scoop of peanut butter (probably about 3Tbs, I don’t measure) accompanied by a cup of coffee. Yummy! That adequately fueled my run, which turned into some spontaneous hill training. I had intended on taking the trail near my house for a few miles, but then I started thinking (which can never be good). Another of my favorite running routes is along a river. It has beautiful scenary, well marked half mile distances, a convenient location…but no hills. Great to run on, but doesn’t provide a lot of elevation change. While “training” with my friend for a half marathon we never ran, we did afew hill workouts. And they SUCKED. They were incredibly challenging, and left me sore. In other words, they were great for training. Unfortunately, the hills we started on were incredible steep and long, a little much for a hill beginner like me. I’ve like this new trail near my house, because it does have some change in elevation. When I got to the trail and ran up the first hill, I realized that my pace slowed down significantly. And that it just unacceptable.

So I went down the hill, and went up it again…well, more accurately I charged up it. I attacked it. And then I did it again. And again and again…again 9 times. It was a fairly short hill, and a did take jogging breaks after the 3rd and 6th time I charged the hill. Then I ran back home.

Run summary:

time: 33:55 (yes, with one second of my last run)

distance: again, unknown, but it did include 9 hills along with some flat, sustained running

average heartrate: 167

Arm workout: 2 x (12 push-ups, 15 arm raises with jelly jar, 3 x 10 arm lifts) + 11 arm lifts ( the extra 11 because I wanted125 arm repetitions :-P)

Now it is time for me to do a little post run fueling. I’m thinking tuna…


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