Getting a feel for things

August 22, 2008

All right, so here we have my first *real* post. I’m still figuring out how I want to organize things (do want to log all my meals? brief synopsis of workout plan at the beginning of the week? track calories?).

I’ll start off by reporting my run yesterday:

time: 33:56

distance: unknown because it was unmarked trail (somewhere between 3.0-3.5mi, I can run a pretty consistent 10 min. mile, though I had gotten down to about 9 minutes, but this was a pretty hilly run)

average heartrate: 171

I also did some ab work: 2 x ( 25 sit-ups, 20 side sit-ups, 10s side plank, 10 plank dips (per side), 15 leg lifts to work lower abs ). It felt good.

I ate a whole lot yesterday at a picnic, which I thought would affect my running negatively, but I had tons of energy on my run and didn’t feel sluggish at all! I attacked all the hills, and didn’t stop to walk at all. This makes me think when I run in the evenings I should beef up my lunch quite a bit and minimize dinner.

On tap for tonight: another run followed by some arm work. Enjoy your day!


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